Hawk Sports Skydiving Club welcome all skydivers from other countries with valid license (USPA, APF, local). Please inform us 2 weeks in advance of your intended dates to enable us to make all prior arrangements. Kindly prepare the documents requested (logbook, skydive rating).

We have rental rigs and accessories for rental. But do make sure to check with us on the availability though.




People are mesmerised and excited with seeing skydivers jumping out of airplanes, flying in the sky and landing at the designated area. With their capabilities to perform highly skilled maneuvers, many Event Management companies are now using the talents of these professional skydivers, to perform at their events to lure the crowds or to make the event a memorable one.

The Hawk Sports Skydiving Team is made up of all the instructors and a handful of handpick skilled skydivers who are capable to fulfill the requirement of our clients.


Besides providing rental to skydivers, these equipments are also accessible to advertising and movie production companies.


Due to the high cost of equipments, a deposit will be charged and the Compensation form will need to be signed in case of damage or loss.


One of the club members must also be present at site while the equipment is in use.



Every skydiver must know how to pack their parachutes especially the freefallers.


Beside training jumpers, Hawk Sports Skydiving Club also conduct packing classes. The class will be led by the club packers.

The participants will do the basic packing and will progress to other types of packing once the club is satisfied with your basic packing method.


   Every student jump will be recorded by three GoPro cameras. One is mounted on the wing of the aircraft, the second on the helmet of the jumpmaster and the third on the drone which will record the jumper from 100 feet until landing.

We also provide aerial photography and have excellent skydiving cameraman to cater to your needs.



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