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The club provides gear rental services to those who need them either for their jumps, commercial shoots by production companies such as for movies and multimedia advertisements.


As the equipments are expensive, a deposit is required and an Compensation Agreement form has to be signed in the event of damage or loss. In same cases, due to technicality and safety, a member of the club have to be at location where the equipment is used.



   Every student jump will be recorded by three GoPro cameras. One is mounted on the wing of the aircraft, the second on the helmet of the jumpmaster and the third on the drone which will record the jumper from 100 feet until landing.

We also provide aerial photography and have excellent skydiving cameraman to cater to your needs.



Every skydiver must know how to pack their parachutes especially the freefallers.


Beside training jumpers, Hawk Sports Skydiving Club also conduct packing classes. The class will be led by the club packers.

The participants will do the basic packing and will progress to other types of packing once the club is satisfied with your basic packing method.


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